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VHF UHF Rooftop Antenna Install

The below is the detail of the VHF/UHF antenna I had installed on my roof.

Antenna - Diamond X50N

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15 meters of LL400 (LMR400 equivalent), should be more than enough for the job.

Type N Coax Fittings

The below were the connectors I used, I would have preferred two of the compression fit connector, but at the time I was unable to locate more.

Type N Coax Fitting #1 (compression fit)

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Type N Coax Fitting #2

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I got this wallplate for the interior of the house.

Exisiting TV Antenna and Ethernet Location

This was my existing inside wallplate, I had a TV antenna trapped behind my AP, I decided to fix this at the same time.

TV Antenna on Roof

This was the existing situation outside the house

Install Done

All done!