Paper: “Eavesdropping on the Smart Grid”

Title: Eavesdropping on the Smart Grid

Authors: Craig Valli, Andrew Woodward, Clinton Carpene, Peter Hannay, Murray Brand, Reino Karvinen, Chris Holme

An in-situ deployment of smart grid technology, from meters through to access points and wider grid connectivity, was examined. The aim of the research was to determine what vulnerabilities were inherent in this deployment, and what other consideration issues may have led to further vulnerability in the system. It was determined that there were numerous vulnerabilities embedded in both hardware and software and that configuration issues further compounded these vulnerabilities. The cyber threat against critical infrastructure has been public knowledge for several years, and with increasing awareness, attention and resource being devoted to protecting critical in the structure, it is concerning that a technology with the potential to create additional attack vectors is apparently insecure.

Files: Full Paper (PDF)

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