Paper: “The 2011 IDN Homograph Attack Mitigation Survey”

Title: The 2011 IDN Homograph Attack Mitigation Survey

Authors: Peter Hannay, Greg Baatard

The advent of internationalized domain names (IDNs) has introduced a new threat, with the non-English character sets allowing for visual mimicry of domain names. Whilst this potential for this form of attack has been well recognized, many applications such as Internet browsers and e-mail clients have been slow to adopt successfUl mitigation strategies and countermeasures. This research examines those strategies and countermeasures, identifYing areas of weakness that allow for homograph attacks. As well asĀ· examining the presentation of IDNs in e-mail clients and Internet browser URL bars, this year’s study examines the presentation of IDNs in browser-based security certificates and requests for locational data access.

Files: Full Paper (PDF)

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