Paper: “Geotagging where Cyberspace comes to your Place”

Title: Geotagging where Cyberspace comes to your Place

Authors: Craig Valli, Peter Hannay

The combination of GPS services and information technology is increasing with the use of geotagging now occurring as a default action in many commodity based devices functionality for example mobile phones and cameras. The camera in suitably enabled phones takes the picture and embeds GPS co-ordinates of the location into the metadata of the resulting image file. Furthermore there are now online services such as foursquare that are targeted at the geotagging or geocaching community. In addition to this overtly designed service other social online  services such Flickr, Twitter are providing a means of geotagging users. This enablement of technology has significant and profound effects on bpersonal security and also extending into corporate security.

Files: Full Paper (PDF), Slide Show (Powerpoint)

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