Paper: “The 2009 Personal Firewall Robustness Evaluation”

Title: The 2009 Personal Firewall Robustness Evaluation

Authors: Ken Pydayya, Peter Hannay, Patryk Szewczyk

The evolution of the internet as a platform for commerce, banking, general information and personal communications has resulted in a situation where many individuals who may not have previously required internet access now require this connectivity as part of their everyday lives. In addition to this the widespread adoption of mobile broadband has lead to an increasing number of individuals having public facing IP addresses with no firewall appliances present. This situation has dramatically increased reliance on personal firewalls as the first and often last defence against intruders (human and malware alike). The evaluation performed demonstrates the capabilities of current personal firewall software to mitigate the threat posed by these intruders. The results show that the majority of personal firewall products evaluated are somewhat effective in reducing the risks remote exploitation but leave something to be desired in the area of information disclosure.

Files: Full Paper (PDF)

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