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Paper: “Freegate: A Defence against the Pending Censorship of Australia?”

Title: Freegate: A Defence against the Pending Censorship of Australia? Authors: Christopher Bolan, Peter Hannay Abstract The commencement of a trial of Internet Service Provider (ISP) level content filtering as a precursor to nation wide mandatory content filters in Australia … Continue reading

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Paper: “Firewire Forensics in Modern Operating Systems”

Title: Firewire Forensics in Modern Operating Systems Authors: Peter Hannay, Andrew Woodward Abstract This research looked at whether the FireWire direct memory access function tool would work with three modern Windows operating systems. The tool requires local access to the … Continue reading

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Paper: “Fun & Games: an Introduction to Console Forensics”

Title: Fun & Games: an Introduction to Console Forensics Authors: Peter Hannay Abstract The scope of functionality provided by video game consoles has been consistently expanding to encompass features that were once limited to general purpose personal computers. This expansion … Continue reading

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